Illuminating Souls: A Guide to Bahá’í Spiritual Education

The wealth of authoritative interpretive guidance in the writings of Abdu'l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi constitute the "day that will not be followed by night". Exploring these principles will keep Baha'i educators busy for centuries to come. Especially when the Baha'i mind begins to mentally integrate theological and secular education so that the approach of divine Truth becomes the ethos of a divine science and the transformative nature of teaching the Cause becomes the pedagogical foundation of the education of every child.

What Is the Essence of Spiritual Education in the Bahá'í Faith?

How Do Shoghi Effendi’s Writings Enlighten Bahá'í Educational Approaches?

What Role Does the Integration of Faith and Knowledge Play in Bahá'í Schools?

Can You Describe the Interplay Between Secular and Theological Education in the Bahá'í View?

Why Is 'Independent Investigation of Truth' Vital in Bahá'í Spiritual Education?

How Does Spiritual Education Impact Moral Development in Children?

What Is the Significance of Teaching Quality over Quantity in the Bahá'í Faith?

How Important Is Parental Involvement in Bahá'í Spiritual Education?

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