Navigating the Beacon of Study: Bahá'í Teaching Guides FAQ

In the 40's and 50's, the Baha'i community began to grasp the implications of Shoghi Effendi's "rock bottom requirements" for teaching. They started trying to approach this challenging standard by creating study guides for various critical books. These study guides represent a first step by the believers to integrate the requisites of effective teaching. Education in general has fallen out of fashion in the world due to the rise of materialistic 'activism' as a replacement for knowlege. But the low-information Baha'i teacher is a dead-end project and eventually we will have to return to the challenge of education. These study guides are a first step, eventually we will have to take the second.

What Are Bahá'í Study Guides?

Why Were Study Guides Created in the Bahá'í Community?

How Do Bahá'í Study Guides Aid Individual Learning?

Can Bahá'í Study Guides Replace Formal Education?

What's the Impact of Materialistic Activism on Bahá'í Education?

Are Bahá'í Study Guides Relevant in Today's Society?

How Do Study Guides Help in Bahá'í Community Building?

Do Bahá'í Study Guides Focus on Individual or Group Study?