Harnessing Bytes for Baha'i Bytes: A Guide to Spiritual Software

Nobody stands out in the field of Baha'i software quite like Tony. With the original "Refer" and "Mars". Unfortunately I was a starving student and unable to afford the software. It made me think a bit about the economics of such software. Essentially, charging even a dollar meant that everyone who really needed the software could not access it. I have nothing against charging money to support a project, but this one seemed to not work out the way I wanted.

What Is the Purpose of Bahá’í Education Software?

How Did Tony's Bahá’í Software Impact Learning?

What Are Economic Challenges in Bahá’í Software Development?

Can Bahá’í Education Software be Made More Accessible?

What Features Should Bahá’í Education Software Include?

How Can Collaboration Improve Bahá’í Education Software?

What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Bahá’í Educational Software?

How Can Bahá’í Software Foster Community Building?

Letter from the UHJ correcting misunderstanding about teaching
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Letter Re: Should we Pause Teaching?

Ocean 2.0 Reader Library
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Ocean 2 - Interfaith Reader

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Digitized Star of the West Volumes on CD
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Sifter - Star of the West

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The Ocean Adventure: Making Ocean 1.0

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Stack of books replaced by a single CD
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The Sifter Project

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