Harmony in Devotion and Administration: The Nexus of Bahá’í Community Life

At the center of Baha'i community life is the administrative institution of the "Nineteen Day Feast", established by the Bab, this monthly celebration combines a devotional gathering, an administrative meeting and a social gathering into one regular event. Providing critical communication and interaction between the local governing body and the community as well as serving as a regular time of spiritual renewal and fellowship. The Nineteen Day Feast is the center of Baha'i community life. Parallel to this is the 19-day fireside, a private gathering each believer has in his own home for friends and neighbors for the purpose of developing friendships and, if they are interested, introducing them to the Baha'i Faith. Aside from these two key activities, numerous administrative activities fill the calendar, from Local Spiritual Assembly meetings to Holy Day celebrations to children's classes and study groups. Most community activity will have an educational aspect as study and learning are at the center of the pattern of Baha'i life -- a pattern which consists of 1) Study of the Word of God, 2) Prayer, 3) Meditation on the Teachings and 4) Spiritual Action.

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