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Shoghi Effendi found great pleasure and spiritual upliftment while working on the translation of Nabil’s Narrative. The life of those who figure in it is so stirring that every one who reads those accounts is bound to be affected and impelled to follow their footsteps of sacrifice in the path of the Faith. The Guardian believes, therefore, that it should be studied by the friends, especially the youth who need some inspiration to carry them through these troubled days.

Ocean - Free Library of World's Religious Literature

Dear friends, Ocean is Back online.

First of all, I'm so sorry that Ocean had been unavailable for over a year. I'd intended to clean up the library quickly and get it back online but had a hard time figuring out how to rebuild the distributions of this very old creaky program. ;) I especially had lots of trouble getting it working well with OSX and it's still a little bit flaky -- but it works.

Ocean had become overly cluttered with scads of secondary literature, confusing the search results and distracting from its main purpose -- which was to facilitate the individual study of the Baha'i Teachings. As much as I love the books of William Sears (for example), they really just don't belong in Ocean. So I've removed a lot of secondary literature and also added a lot more of the Teachings. For example, we now have all the tablets of 'Abdu'l-Baha published in Star of the West and oh so much more.

This legacy version of Ocean still cannot be operated on Tablets and Phones -- but I'm working hard on an update which will. Meanwhile, feel free to email me with any feature requests or suggestions:

Warm regards,

What is Ocean?

Ocean is a literature-specific search tool for exploring great books from the major religious traditions of the world. The English library contains over 1000 books of 10 world religions as well as collections in six other languages (French, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, and Portuguese).

Enjoy Ocean, share it freely. If you appreciate our project, help out by spreading the word. If you have a blog or website, feel free to add a link to this page.


## Download for Windows -- all versions

### PC:   Ocean-setup.exe   (60mb)

Instructions: Download and run the installer. Let me know if you have any problems with this new installer.

## Download for Mac -- all recent versions

### Mac:   Ocean.dmg   (127mb)

Instructions: Download and open DMG file. Next drag to the Applications folder. Add to your dock if desired. No installation required.