Illuminating the Dawn: Unveiling The Dawn-Breakers

The Dawn-Breakers is a hard book to place in the range of Bahá’í Literature. One might assume that it is merely a book by Nabil Zarandi. But there are some surprises in store. It turns out the book was essentially commissioned by Bahá’u’lláh Himself. Bahá’u’lláh arranged for much of the research. Then he oversaw the writing and contributed several first-hand accounts to the book. The final manuscript was completed before His passing, but unfortunately stolen. It was in his satchel containing his "most valuable manuscripts". It was a major task of Shoghi Effendi to reconstruct the final book, in English, from Nabil's manuscript and notes. While still imperfect as every history, it is a unique, authentic and highly authoritative narrative of the early days of the Bahá’í Faith. The book was placed at the center of Shoghi Effendi's curriculum for Baha'i youth. He emphasized that they must "master the facts recorded therein". The book is a unique and essential part of basic Bahá’í Literature.

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