Exploring Divine Threads: A Guide to Bahá’í Interfaith Learning

Baha'is have the duty to educate themselves about the world's religions. This is a requirement of the Baha'i Faith. It is not a preference or an option. This is based on the foundational belief that all religions contain divine inspiration as God has never left man without a path to enlightenment -- no matter how hard religious leaders have worked to excite passions and prejudices for the eternal purpose of collective manipulation and control. And yet, no matter how distorted the teachings of a religion may become, there are always parables and metaphors which the sincere seeker can understand -- and follow -- to the path of truth. Instead of viewing the various religions as competing systems of power, we can view them as a single global heritage of divine inspiration. The sacred literature of the world does not belong to the priests and scholars. It is our common heritage. It is ours to explore and understand. It is ours to share and teach.

Why Must Bahá’ís Study Other Religions?

What Is the Bahá’í Perspective on Religious Diversity?

How Can Interfaith Education Promote World Unity?

What Role Do Religious Metaphors Play in Bahá’í Education?

Are Sacred Texts Exclusive to Religious Leaders in the Bahá’í View?

How Does Interfaith Education Challenge Religious Manipulation?

Can Interfaith Knowledge Deepen My Bahá’í Faith?

Does Interfaith Study Lead to Syncretism in Bahá’í Beliefs?

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