Nurturing Minds and Souls: The Tarbiat Touchstone in Bahá'í-inspired Schools

Educational institutions at all levels that integrate the spiritual and academic education based on Bahá'í principles, fostering environments that promote moral development alongside intellectual growth. Tarbiat was an critical first step in the development of Baha'i schools. And the most valuable thing about projects like Tarbiat was that they began early -- during the critical period of doctrinal guidance. So we have copious tablets from Abdu'l-Baha and letters of Shoghi Effendi on the subject. These are an eternal gold mine of principles which the future will explore for centuries to come.

What Defines a Bahá'í-inspired School?

How Did Tarbiat Influence Bahá'í Education?

What Educational Principles Can Be Found in Abdu'l-Baha's Tablets?

How Does Moral Development Feature in Bahá'í-inspired Schools?

What Is the Role of Teachers in Bahá'í Schools?

Why Is the Integration of Spiritual and Academic Education Important?

How Can Bahá'í Principles Be Applied in Modern Education?

What Makes Bahá'í-inspired Schools Distinct from Others?