Celestial Celebrations: A Guide to Bahá'í Holy Days

A collection of globally celebrated days within the Bahá'í calendar commemorating significant events in the history of the Faith. The Baha'i calendar is one of the great gifts of the Bab, who's every detail was a poetic symmetry dedicated to the praise of God. His calendar breaks the year into 19 months of 19 days with a 4-5 intercalary period dedicated to the remembrance of the unknowable, unlimited, uniquely transcendent essence of God (refered to as the Há-hút). In his unique solar calendar, he wrapped up each year with a month of fasting and prayer, a month named after Himself. This month of fasting prepares the way for the month of springtime and renewal, the month of Bahá, the month of the Baha'i New Year.

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